Permanent Tattoo Equipment

Tattoo needles, stencils, inks, pigments, tool kits, sterilizers and after tattoo ointments everything we have is original, updated and of high quality. Tattoo stays forever on your skins, so we ensure its imprinting to be the most secure, skin-frien..

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Piercers Corner

Ink5 tattoo provide you various unique and trendy services like ear piercing, nose piercing, naval piercing, lip piercing and surface piercing. We are the modern trend setter. We have the exclusive designs and modern techniques to satiate your desir..

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Air Brush Artist Corner

You love tattoos but afraid of the pain, no worries!!!! We, at our studio, have airbrush tattoo facility for those who want to fulfill their desire of having a tattoo. Available in amazing colours and wonderful designs, we have customized stencil of ..

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Sullen Clothing

If you want yourself to reflect through your clothes and have a boheminan personality then go for our wide collection of sullen clothing. A range of out of the box shirts, t-shirts tops and tees for those who dare to be different and unique. We use ..

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Guitar Tattoo

You love music and tattoo too? Then why don’t you show it the world in a two-in-one way. Just come to INK5 get a guitar tattoo of your choice and let people know about your passion. We have a variety of guitar tattoos ranging from small to massive ..

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