Piercers Corner

Ink5 tattoo provide you various unique and trendy services like ear piercing, nose piercing, naval piercing, lip piercing and surface piercing. We are the modern trend setter.
We have the exclusive designs and modern techniques to satiate your desire to look different and classy. We give you painless piercing on your favorite part of body. Choose from our wide range of services and enjoy the new transformation on your body and face. Our services are affordable and convenient. We love to decorate your body in a completely modern and trendy way. We have conceptualized a truly traditional practice of body piercing into a completely classy, adorable and unique ways. We love to put a satisfaction on the face of the explorers of peculiarity and ritz.

  • Ear piercing :
    Follow the traditional modes in an entirely modern way with ear piercing. We are expert in piercing ear at different places like lobes, conches, snug, helix, orbital and rook.
  • Nose Piercing:
    The far ethnic and contemporary tradition of India is followed to give you the pretty conventional look with glimpse of modernity.
  • Naval Piercing:
    Get that bohemian and out of the order with naval piercing. The custom followed by those girls who love to be different and stand out of the crowd.
  • Lip Piercing:
    Quite unusual but chic look with lip piercing will let you adore your individuality and that natural spark. Lip piercing will add another charm to your gracious smile.
  • Surface piercing:
    Pierce your favorite body part and enjoy painless piercing. We are adept in piercing the surface of body like belly, near eyes, eyebrows, legs and any other part with the unique techniques that cause less pain. Just Go Trendy with Surface piercing
  • Oral piercing
  • Facial piercing

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